Our computerized lab can process all of today’s popular traditional and drilled rimless styles with outstanding precision, so we can provide high quality eyewear that sets us apart from the competition. Oftentimes the same day!

We have one of the most advanced fully computerized optical labs capable of making almost any prescription to exact specifications ordered by the Doctor in almost any material. We will fill a prescription from any Doctor. So whether you are in the need of a bifocal, trifocal, progressive lens or polarized prescription sunglasses look to us for quality and satisfaction.

Q: What’s the advantage of having in-house edging?

A: The two most often noted advantages are faster delivery of your eyewear and better quality control. In our office most single vision (reading or distance) prescriptions can be processed the same day, while bifocal and progressive lenses can be made within a few days. This means that most times wait time can be reduced by more than half. Another advantage is that you can be assured that we are in control of the fabricating of the glasses from start to finish, which translates to a more accurate Rx and better lens fit in the frame thus providing optimal comfort, vision and cosmetic appeal with your new glasses.

Q: Why is it better to have my glasses made with state of the art manufacturing equipment like that used at Lifetime Eyecare?

A: Today’s fashion frames and new advanced technology lenses have made it more and more challenging to process your eyeglass prescription. Therefore, in order to delivery the highest quality eyewear in the shortest amount of time and achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction we have invested in the most technologically advanced lens finishing equipment in the optical industry. So even if you select a trendy frame (rimless, high-wrap) and sophisticated high index lenses with A/R coating, you can be assured that your glasses will look their best and be accurately fabricated. Knowing Lifetime Eyecare invests in the latest technology shows that they strive to be are state-of-the-art in every way (technology, service, frame selection)

Q: What do we do that makes it worthwhile to have your glasses made here at Lifetime Eyecare, rather than somewhere down the street that may also have in-house edging?

A: We take pride in striving to achieve the best customer service in the industry. This starts with 40 plus years of combined experience and a willingness to help you not only see well, but look better. At Lifetime Eyecare, you can be assured that you will receive accurate and stylish eyewear by a friendly and professional staff using state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques.