In our office, we provide patients with easy access to the top brands in vitamins and lid scrubs.

Our office offers products to assist with dry eye treatments. This would help those who suffer from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). In addition to dry eye treatments, we also offer a variety of beauty-enhancing products such as Lids by Design and Revitalash.

Our dry eye package includes:(1) Bruder Compress, (1) Hypochlor lid spray, and (1) Fortifeye Fish Oil supplement. The Bruder Compress is composed of microwave-safe microbeads. We recommend heating up the Bruder Compress for no more than 20 seconds. It will be very warm lasting for approximately 10 minutes. The compress will warm up and release the oils that are currently clogging the glands causing dryness. The Hypochlor lid spray attacks the harmful bacteria that is found on the lash line killing any bacteria before causing an infection or chalazion. Lastly, Fortifeye Fish Oil is a triglyceride-based supplement. This supplement is easier for the body to digest and is designed to lubricate and break down the tear film.

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